Dumais Logistics is a company specialized in providing integrated transportation, warehousing and distribution, all under one roof. the days of direct transport or our service remains impeccable


We can create a personalized delivery service to your specific needs.

  • A dedicated team of occupational distribution
  • Transport pallet or full set
  • Difficult access deliveries Direct store
  • fully insured
  • Pallets
  • Transport the time available


We can get your trailer to your palette distribution in place diverse,

  • container unloading and palletizing
  • Cross Docking, Re-palletising and a variety of special requirements available upon request.


We deliver your goods to different point of service in the greater Montreal with or without tailgate Truck, Trailer with heated boxes.

  • urban transport
  • urgent delivery
  • store delivery


We store the short and long term inventory control. We palettisons and assemble your commende safely with proper packaging by using the best quality stretch film

  • storage space clean and warm with 7 highly secure loading docks to take care of your goods in transition.
  • bulk storage or pallet handling transhipment declarations, Re-palletizing, Pick-n-Pack ■ surveillance cameras, system d’alarm and sprinkler system
  • protection of your belongings at all times


  • We specialize in the distribution of stock
  • We provide dedicated truck and tractor
  • drop of semi-trailer
  • Seasonal Delivery available on request

Sale of pallets

  • We have large inventory of remanufactured pallet of all sizes
  • Dumais Logistique

    441 Locke,
    St-Laurent, QC
    Canada, H4T 1X7

    Admin.: 514-335-5669
    Dispatch: 514-335-1288
    FAX: 514-335-9404